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Isle of Palms Parking Plan “C” 2016 & Not Co-Existing with Coyotes

January 31, 2016

Finally, the Isle of Palms has come up with a parking plan for the island. One that protects the residential neighborhoods of the island, while still giving free access to the beach to non-residents except at the front beach city parking lots and Charleston County parking lot. Council, at it’s last meeting voted on ordering the signs with 3 negative votes. The negative votes were not against the plan, but against the number of signs being placed throughout the interior of the island. I voted to go forward with the plan, however, I am totally against the signs placed throughout the interior of the island and am hoping at our next council meeting, a number of residents will come and speak up against signs throughout the interior of the island at every corner. Signs at the top of bottom of each road is more than sufficient to protect the neighborhoods. Jeff Evans and myself have created a petition asking the city to please not flood the island with sign pollution. If you would like to sign one or even pick one up to get your neighbors to sign, call Jeff at 843-886-5500 or myself at 843-452-1200. Council members Jimmy Ward, Sandy Ferencz, and Carol Rice should each have a copy of the petition to sign. You can pick one up at my office or call or text Jeff or me and we’ll be happy to e-mail or drop one off to you. Let’s see how it goes by using baby steps first instead of having signs everywhere. All of council wants to protect the neighborhoods. However, no matter what we do, one way or the other, some will be happy, some will not. I feel sorry for those who live on Palm Blvd. where the bulk of parking will be, in fact, my family home on Palm Blvd. is one of those affected, but hard decisions had to be made. The parking plan will be from May 15th through Sept. 15th. On the interior of the island, if a family is having more cars at their house than their parking in the yard allows, they are to buy parking passes for their guests to park in the rights of ways. I personally feel our residents should get these passes for free, maybe city hall will get the message, why do our tax paying island residents have to pay when when off island, non tax paying day guests parking on Palm do not? This year will be a learning curve, but most importantly, I’d like our city officials to get the message that the residents do not want “Residential Only” signs on every corner throughout the interior of the island. I’m glad we have a plan, I’m glad we are going forward, but city hall, please listen to our residents, I certainly am listening.

The island is experiencing a lot of calls about missing pets, including one of my 2 cats. We have had numerous pleas to do something besides co-existing. Councilman Ward tried to bring it up during council, but was basically passed over. We need to do something, we need to pursue trapping these animals before a child is attacked. Let your elected Isle of Palms Mayor and council know your feelings. Go to and look under city government, click on each name and send an e-mail saying it is past time to do something. Our sister island is now trapping, we need to do the same.

As always, thank you for letting me serve you as your representative on council, we all love this island.

IOP First City Council Agenda for the New Year, Tuesday, 6 PM, 32016

January 23, 2016

IOP council agenda 1-26-16 pg1 of 2IOP council agenda 1-26-16 pg2 of 2

IOP Ways and Means Tuesday, Jan. 19th, 2016

January 16, 2016

Hopefully, council will see the need to elect Jimmy Ward as chair of this committee, this will be his 4th time as a councilman, and even more importantly, he is the only certified, bona fide CPA on council. Just makes common sense. Not to mention, for the last three elections, he has been put on only 1 committee while in the last two elections, the newbies have all been assigned 2 committees. Hmmmmmmmm?
IOP Ways and Means Agenda 1-19-16

IOP Parking Permit Applications for Residents and Long Term Rentals

January 11, 2016

Don’t forget IOP residents, this coming summer will be our first year of our parking plan. No, you don’t have to have one if you are parking in your yard, but if you park in the right of way in front of your home, you will need to have one of these decals. I’m sure we will experience some bumps in the road with our plan this summer, but as promised 4 years ago in my first election, we are doing something to improve the lives of our residents. And this plan will improve with time. Our goal is for the residents’ quality of life on most of the island. I’m sorry for those on Palm Blvd, including my family’s home, but we still need to provide beach access for those who do not live on the island and for free, unless they park at front beach which will be a pay per day in either the county lot or the city lot.
IOP Parking Permit Application jpeg

Co-Existing with Coyotes on the Isle of Palms

January 9, 2016

Happy New Year Everyone and again, thank you for allowing me to serve you for another 4 years. Over the past year, the island has experienced a growing coyote problem, many have lost pets, including myself, one of my two cats. Anyway, the city has the below brochure you can pick up at city hall for free, but to help spread the word, I thought I might share it with my and Facebook friends. I wish everyone a happy new year and please feel free to call me anytime with issues as you see them. I work for you, the residents. Thank you!
IOP Coyote Brochure jpeg pg1IOP Coyote Brochure jpeg pg2

From My Family, to yours, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!!!

December 24, 2015

Thank you all so much for allowing me to serve you again as your Isle of Palms councilman for another 4 years. I promise to represent the residents of our wonderful island paradise, to maintain the best we can in city services in a fiscally responsible way and to do my best to keep our taxes down. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, and have a safe yet great New Year Eve! If anyone is so interested, don’t forget the Dunlevy’s Polar Plunge for a cause and what a great way to start the new year off, with a shock! However, this year, we may need sunscreen.

Isle of Palms Parking Plan Presentation, today, December 3rd, 5:30 pm at the IOP Recreation Center

December 3, 2015

IOP 2016 Beach Season Parking PlanIOP 2016 Beach Season Parking Plan Q & A pg1IOP 2016 Beach Season Parking Plan Q & A pg2


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