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IOP City Council Meeting Agenda August 25

August 24, 2015

IOP city council agenda August 25 2015

Isle of Palms Ways and Means, August 18, 2015, 5:45

August 17, 2015

IOP Ways and Means August 18 2015 Under section 6-F, we are committing to our new parking Plan “C” by buying the needed low speed vehicles for next summer. We need to do this now in that these vehicles will be specially made for the beach, plus, companies like this get orders for literally hundreds at a time from golf courses and such. Buying 3 would get lost in the pack by not acting now. Even though we are committing now, they still won’t be ready for us until after the first of the year. As I’ve said many times, Parking Plan “C” is the best for everyone, it saves the tax payers of the IOP hundreds of thousands of dollars, parking will be limited to Palm Blvd and a few streets between 3rd and 9th between Ocean and Carolina, not to mention, it will be free for our neighbors living inland to have access to the beach. But, once the parking is full, no more. Also on this agenda is proposed spending for our traffic cameras to provide the public access to our IOP Connector traffic camera, so people can see if the beach traffic is worth coming out to. Now, if Mt. Pleasant and Charleston County will do the same, maybe, just maybe, we can lesson the traffic jams that are growing worse with each year as Charleston and the surrounding areas continued to grow. Council has heard it’s residents and council has responded. Thank you for letting me serve you these past 4 years and I look forward to serving you another 4 years.

Isle of Palms Election time is here again.

August 11, 2015

OK Isle of Palms residents, it appears we have at least 7 candidates for 4 council seats. The 4 incumbents, Jimmy Ward, Ryan Buckhannon, Mike Loftus, and myself plus 3 others. 2 of which previously served on council, Carol Rice and I think, Ralph Piening, plus a new resident to the island, Ted Kinghorn. It is not too late to pick up a petition and run. I strongly encourage someone who is independent, conservative, and has the island at heart to run. Someone who wants to run for the right reasons, to preserve our island’s life style while at the same time, to help preserve our island’s natural resources for not only us, but for future generations, including giving beach access to those not fortunate to live here.

IOP City Council Meeting, July 28, 2015, 6 PM

July 27, 2015

IOP city council agenda July 28, 20150001IOP city council agenda July 28, 20150002

IOP Ways and Means Committee Meeting for July 21, 2015 at 5:45

July 20, 2015

IOP Ways and Means Agenda 7-21-15 As promised when elected 4 years ago, I promised an open transparent government with agendas being posted in advance. Thank you for allowing me to serve you and hopefully, you will allow me another 4 years. Please let your neighbors know about this site and ask them to sign up to receive. Jimmy Carroll

Managed Parking Plan Approved by SCDOT, will start for the summer of 2016

July 14, 2015

IOP Managed parking plan C approval letter from SCDOT 2015 Yes, a parking plan will be happening, but not until the summer of 2016. Between finally getting state SCDOT approval for managed parking in Jan of 2015 and then running the costs involved with selling annual parking passes we found it was just cost prohibitive, so we came up with “Plan C”, the same parking restrictions, but FREE! Parking will be allowed along Palm Blvd and on the side streets between 3rd and 9th Ave between Ocean and Carolina Blvd, but everywhere else, the island will be residential only. When those parking spaces are full along with the paid lots at front beach, that’s it, no more. Now we need to get the surrounding communities and Charleston County to help post Isle of Palms Beach parking is full, so day visitors don’t have to wait for hours in traffic to come to the beach and have no where to park. It’s taken many years to get this point, but it’s done. Once we got this above letter, there was no way we could get the signage made in time for this year. This will encourage people to car pool, maybe for some to get creative and create Mass Transit programs to bring guests to the beach. With the unbridled growth across Charleston, it’s time to think outside the box and get creative. The residents of the Isle of Palms feel the beach is everyone’s, but with the tremendous increase in traffic, it has become a safety hazard. Prepare for next summer, think ahead. As always, thank you for letting me serve the residents of the Isle of Palms as one of their elected council members.

5:15 IOP Special Hearing, 5:30 Ways and Means Committee Meeting, 6:00 City Council, Tuesday, June 23rd., 2013

June 23, 2015

IOP Public Hearing #2, June 23, 2015IOP Ways and Means #2, June 23, 2015IOP City Council Agenda #3, June 23, 20150003IOP City Council Agenda #3, June 23, 20150004


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