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IOP Ways and Means Agenda, October 20th, 2020, 6pm IOP YouTube page

October 19, 2020

IOP City Council Agenda, September 22, 2020, 6 pm, Virtual Meeting on Youtube

September 18, 2020

Thank you everyone for understanding the challenges we have faced this year. Re-building our public safety building and having our public safety personnel living out of trailers. The preparations of re-building our marina docks, the negotiations in securing a new restaurant tenant in a location that has limited parking, and what to do with our last parcel of land at the marina, plus the permitting and design of 3 badly needed drainage outfalls. Add to this, hiring both a new city administrator and police chief. Especially over the last decade, the impact of the unbridled growth across the tri-counties on our island’s limited resources and how it affects our residents quality of life. Every builder of apartment complexes, condos, and subdivisions all tout how close they are to the 3 public beaches, when in fact, our beaches can only safely hold so many. Everyone feels they have the right to come and enjoy the beach, yet, not have to pay the cost to protect or pick up after them. Then, add COVID-19 to the equation and having Zoom meetings as opposed to in person council meetings. Plus, the Governor shutting down all public beach and waterway accesses for two months at the beginning of the season put local beaches in the targets of those wanting to come. Our goal has been to try and protect the residents and public with CDC guidelines. The limited access to our local businesses and the economic impact to both them and our tourism businesses has been heavy. But this is not just a local island issue, it is a worldwide unprecedented pandemic. Everyone needs to take a breathe, think about the big picture and get away from the negativity as seen and read on social media. We really do live in God’s country. Yes, it has been challenging, yet, we are accomplishing all the above and at a lower tax millage than any other municipality around us. Look at your tax bill and see what portion the city keeps, and for that, look at all the services the city provides. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your mayor.

IOP Public Hearing and City Council Agenda, Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

August 21, 2020

Wow, lots of stuff on our agenda, but the island is tackling everything we have been challenged with. Over the next 9 months, we will look back at what we have accomplished for for our island, a rebuilt 12 year old public safety building, new docks at the marina, a new restaurant that will nearly be completed, 3 drainage outfalls in progress, safer parking on the island and depending on this meeting, what the future lies for our last waterfront parcel at the marina, either a commercial dock with 10 parking places or a public dock with green space. And to think, we are where we are at, having gone through several hurricane scares, more to come, hiring a new city administrator and assistant, a new police chief and challenged by the COVID19 unprecedented pandemic which is still going on. Its been a tough year, we have been bullied by those who feel they own the beach, yet pay nothing towards maintaining the beach, policing the beach, fire and rescue on the beach and cleaning up the beach, yet, we still offer well over 400% more in parking than the Beachfront Management Act requires. I am ashamed at the lack of civility. Look at how Charleston responded to the Mother Emmanuel Church shooting or the Michael Slager shooting of Walter Scott, the people of Charleston all handled it perfectly and it served as an example for the rest of the country. Since then, discourse and riots in our LowCountry. This has become a society of keyboard bullies, I will not let them affect our quality of life. Nor, will your council who have remained steadfast. I’m proud of our city council team. I only hope and pray that the Charleston and LowCountry that I grew up in returns back to neighbors being friendly and people getting off of social media and just talking to one another as opposed to believing everything they read online. Thank you for allowing me to serve you as your mayor! Jimmy

IOP Ways and Means, Tuesday, August 18th, 6 pm, Virtual Zoom Meeting that can be watched on Youtube

August 15, 2020

Thank you for allowing us to serve you, especially during this trying time. There have been no play books for unprecedented pandemics, but thanks to Zoom, and YouTube, staff has found a way to make it work. On the agenda, you can send a link to send in your comments. Please drive by Public Safety Building #1 down by front beach, will be done before the end of the year, ahead of schedule and under budget.
Thank you, Jimmy Carroll

IOP City Council Agenda July 28, 2020, 6 pm

July 25, 2020

Thank you all for watching our virtual meetings, we all miss our face to face interactions, however, we need to continue until we know we have the COVID-19 under control. We are fortunate to have well over 600 viewers during these virtual meetings and we have had a ton of email suggestions. While we have been accused of being “elitist” for closing the beaches for a temporaru emergency measure, as discussed with all local Charleston County Mayors, all wanting drastic steps to stem the tide of the COVID-19. This has nothing to do with our wanting the beach to ourselves, it is a public safety attempt that is due to an unprecedented pandemic that is affecting the world. These folks creating protests because they can’t park at the beach for 30 days should be ashamed. Ride a bike to the beach, take an Uber, you can still come to the beach. Everyone and most food and beverage businesses are being hurt the most. However, we are looking to take further steps as you can see on our agenda, we are looking to restrict parking further. According to the South Carolina Beachfront Management Act, we are to provide 6 parking places for every 1/8th of a mile of beach. We far exceed this requirement and are looking at reducing this number because of the total number of cars coming out here, and restricting the safety of emergency vehicles driving down Palm Blvd. SCDOT has given us the permission to do what is best for the health and safety of their community. Our emergency trucks getting stuck in traffic is a life and death situation when every second counts when someone has a stroke, heart attack or near drowning. By keeping day visitors cars to the oceanside of Palm, it opens up a safe pathway for our emergency vehicles. Plus, when we have our daily thunderstorms, everyone drives inland knowing that there is a secret shortcut to get off the island by driving through our neighborhoods. Well, let me say, after 60+ years living here, there are no short cuts, cars back up all over the interior roads, but what is worse, a child riding a bike or walking in the street is going to get hurt or worse. It is time for the IOP to take control because of the unbridled growth across the tri-counties by developers all telling their condo projects, apartment complexes and subdivisions that they are only 10-20 miles away from the 3 public beaches. Our 3 beaches are not growing, and we cannot handle more cars, so it is time to take control, limit parking and start charging for parking. All I keep hearing is that we are blocking everyone’s access to the public beaches, well, we will be controlling accesses for a safer beach experience and everyone will start having to pay for their day at the beach. It is not fair for our residents to have to cover police, rescuing, and picking up their trash. It is past time for everyone to help pay the cost. We want everyone to enjoy the beach, but remember, it is here 7 days a week, 12 months a year, so everyone does not have to all come on the weekends. So, please, quit thinking of yourselves, and start thinking about better transit methods to the beach, think about the communities you are impacting. We are all in this together, instead of protesting, lets work together in making the beach experience better. Several apps have been created and are improving with time. Download SCDOT511 to see the cameras as per traffic. Also, the tri-county council of Governments has created “BeachReach” which will by next year, tell you how many spaces are left to park in. In closing, carpool, ride a bike and come enjoy the beach. Mt Pleasant Councilman Gary Santos met with me last week to help create a better safer way to cycle to the beach. We, in conjunction with the counties Transportation Tax funds just made it safer to come off the IOP connector and not be in traffic, but created a safe sidewalk through a shaded park. Thank you all, and remember, these are first world problems, we have life pretty damn good. Thank you for allowing me to serve you as mayor. Excuse any grammatical errors, I am who I am. Cheers! Jimmy

IOP Ways and Means Agenda, July 21, 2020, 5 pm

July 20, 2020

IOP Ways and Means Agenda July 21 Thank you for allowing me to serve as your mayor and for a council who are working their tails off to do what is best for you, our residents. It is times like this, that we have to make hard decisions, that some may not like, but what we feel is best for the community based on sound medical expertise. And please, thank every city employee for the jobs that they are doing. Jimmy Carroll

IOP Special Revenue Public Hearing 5:45 Followed by Regular Council at 6 PM on June 23, 2020

June 20, 2020

Thank you everyone for understanding that due to COVID-19, we are having to hold our council meetings through Zoom and seen on live YouTube. We cannot have more than 10 in a room with proper social distancing, and now, actually, more of our residents are watching council and committee meetings than ever before. Please understand, when we go into Executive Session, which we try to do at the end of council, it is to discuss sensitive matters that require legal advice or for personnel matters. It is intended to to protect the innocent, assure confidentiality about sensitive matters. No decisions are made in Executive Session, but any decisions are made after coming out of Executive Session. Thank you for understanding that we are all experiencing this unprecedented pandemic and that we are all in this together. Please wear a mask when going into closed areas such as stores and maintain the proper social distancing of at least 6′. I’m proud of our city personnel and how well they have all done. In closing, please look at the Leola Hanbury Memorial Park at the foot of the connector. We used TST (Transportation Sales Tax) funds to make accessing or exiting the connector safer for pedestrians and cyclist. The park was paved with pervious sidewalks and has the grand oak tree lit up at night. We just planted some palm trees along the Public Works building to soften that look and we still have a little more landscaping to do, but it looks great! Be safe, Happy 4th of July! Jimmy

IOP Ways and Means Agenda, June 16th, 6pm, 2020 (Because of Covid-19, watch live on YouTube, by liking the City of Isle of Palms)

June 13, 2020

This is budget crunch time, lots of delays because of the Covid-19, but we are moving along, cannot be more proud of our city staff and council for pulling this together. Couple of big things, wage study for city employees wages to surrounding communities and also, the cost of moving the Wild Dunes sewer plant to 41st and Waterway. Even though the Water and Sewer Company are a stand alone enterprise, we have to approve any bonding. Thank you for allowing me to serve you, Jimmy

IOP City Council Agenda, Tuesday, May 26th, 6 pm

May 23, 2020

Wow, what a wild ride this has been but I cannot thank our city staff and employees for a job over, above and beyond what they thought their jobs were considering the Covid-19. I want to personally thank Charleston County Council Chairman Elliot Summey and Sheriff Al Cannon for helping us when we needed it. They sent out upon our request, extra deputies, 3 ATVs to supplement the ones we have, several portable messaging boards and an EMS stationed on the island for the Memorial Day Weekend. While throughout my life, Memorial Day Weekend, the 4th of July and Labor Day weekends are always busy, this year started off a week earlier due to the Governor’s stay at home mandate expiring, and his opening up the beaches. Yes, we were warned in writing that we could be subject to a lawsuit if we did not open up the public beach accesses, so we did what we had to do. On Friday, May 15th, we had a Zoom meeting with Folly Mayor Tim Goodwin, Sullivan’s Island’s Mayor Pat O’Neil, Chairman Summey to discuss our plans for a media campaign to promote social distancing, obeying parking regulations, and respecting our beaches and communities. Because of the pent up demand to be outside, after two months of forced stay at home, Saturday, May 16th was the most people I have ever seen on the beach, at any time of my 60+ years of living here, including holidays. In all of the city’s 67 years history, we held our first ever Saturday night, 8 pm council meeting with Chairman Summey, and Sheriff Cannon and we sped up what we had planned for the following weekend. They delivered everything we asked for within 12 hours, my hat is off to these leaders. But the blame is not with local leaders or the police, but I place the blame on the unbridled growth across the tri-county to every developer of condos, apartment complexes, and subdivisions, who all say the 3 public beaches are but a few miles away. Our beaches are not growing any larger. We all have limited parking. We cannot handle more people. Because of this, the Isle of Palms passed its first reading of increased parking fines from $50 to $100 and increased parking fees on the weekends from $12 to $15 in our lots and from $2 a hour to $2.50 at the meters. We will have second and final reading of the increased fees on the 29th, which will go into effect immediately. Next year, you will see the Isle of Palms go to paid parking at all public accesses. It’s past time for everyone to help us pay for police, rescue, public works and traffic for the public beaches. I truly wish we could do it by this summer but it is impossible. Just know, your council hears you and is taking fast actions. Thank you, Jimmy Carroll

IOP Ways and Means Agenda, May 19, 2020, 6 pm

May 16, 2020

The Isle of Palms was incorporated in 1953 by an act of the South Carolina Legislature. My parents moved here in 1959 after hearing about it from a shipmate of my father’s while in the Navy. He heard it was a utopic place to raise a family. In 1959, we had about 300 residents. Today, we have about 5,000 residents which quadruples in the summer due to vacation renters plus the thousands of day visitors, many changes have occurred over the last 67 years. While the island is basically built out, it is always changing, older houses going down, larger new ones being built. But to me, it is still a utopia, the place that will always be my home. People move here because they like what they see, the lifestyles, and low taxes. However, just this past year, we have had newcomers wanting to change the way we have done things over the last 67 years, because they know better. Our taxes are low because of non owner occupied homes and vacation rentals. Because of this unprecedented pandemic, the Covid-19 virus, we have lost revenue. However, we have weathered many storms over our 67 years of existence, hurricanes and recessions, yet here we are today, still the Isle of Palms. Just this year, we had committee assignment challenges that we never have had in our 67 years of history, now we have some wanting to change the number of council members, to save money. We do have a tight budget, we do have major projects that need to be done, a poorly built public safety building that cost 6.5 million to build, and 12 years later, costing somewhere between 5 and 6 million to repair. We have to rebuild the marina docks because of a horrible lease extension that lasts till 2045, and requires the city to pay for the cost of the docks that will cost the city around 3 million. We have sea level rise which is only increasing our flooding problems. We are now looking at our Phase III drainage project which entails building 3 drainage outfalls at 41st Ave, 36th Ave and 30th Ave. They will have flapper valves that prevent water intrusion and only let water flow out. This cost, 2.9 million. However, the drainage problem is much larger than just those 3 spots, we have to do the whole island. That alone could cost tens of millions. We have over 1300 homes with septic tanks, the estimate for sewering the island is around 45 million, not on our priority list right now. Other costly issues, cost of living increases for our personnel, they can’t afford to live out here, but have to travel daily to get here through all the traffic, not to mention, being courted by surrounding communities offering more money and less driving distances. (Please thank our city personnel every time you see them for a job well done) We have a beach that will always have to be re-nourished every 8-10 years, we have city assets that we need to maintain. This is the part that hurts, we will be seeing a tax increase sometime soon, we have to. Cutting two council positions is not the solution to our budget, we need diversity on council. We are raising parking fees shortly. Next year, we will see all day visitors paying for parking. This far offsets two council seats. We need to maintain those with history on the island to help those who recently moved here to better understand how the Isle of Palms became as great a place to live as it is. Is a tax increase bad, hell no, in fact, I currently pay $5,500 on my house, of which, the Isle of Palms gets just under $1,200. That means that I get police, fire, sanitation, recreation and a city staff for less than $100 a month. Yes, it is well past time to raise taxes. Even with a tax increase, we will still be the lowest in the area. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your mayor.