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IOP Special Council Meeting on FY16 Audit and followed by Appointments to Committees, Commissions, Etc. Tuesday, Dec. 6, 5pm

December 3, 2016


IOP Dual Ways & Means and Council Meeting, Tuesday, Nov.15, 2016, 5pm

November 14, 2016

In order for our residents to better understand the requirements for the Beachfront Management Act, below are the parking requirements. The reason the Wild Dunes does not qualify, is because they do not allow the general public beyond the gates. The rest of the Isle of Palms far exceeds the state’s requirements.beachfront-management-parking-requirements

Special City Council Meeting on 2016 Parking Plan Review

October 31, 2016

OK IOP residents, please, if you have not done so yet, send your comments to all members of council. You can find their email addresses by going to Give us, your views, good, bad, or suggestions. Thank you for letting me serve you! Happy Halloween.

IOP City Council Agenda for Tuesday, Oct 25th, 6 PM

October 24, 2016

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IOP Ways and Means Agenda for Oct 18, 2016

October 17, 2016


IOP Council Agenda, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 6 pm

September 26, 2016


As always, thank you for letting me serve you as your elected representative. I promised that I would remain fiscally responsible, attentive to our resident’s needs and to be transparent.

IOP Ways and Means Agenda for Tuesday, Sept 20, 5 pm

September 19, 2016

Interesting how more and more monies are being proposed for a marina that our residents haven’t approved of yet. Plus, which I find unbelievable, one council member feels we meet too much and that our meetings take too long. Mind you, we all knew what we were signing up for in our offering our time to serve our community, twice a month as a whole council, once for Ways and Means, and once for Council. Then we each go to a meeting once a month for every committee we serve on, most serve on 2, so at the worst, we meet 4 times a month, but the one who complains the most about the number of meetings, and the length of meetings has one of the worst attendance records and makes our meetings last much longer than they ever have before, not to mention, task different city employees to do more studies and graphs for him. Sounds like Washington. My prediction in voting on this will be 6-3, however, I hope our other council members will see the light in better transparency in government but be willing to let our residents have more opportunities to come speak to each department that serves them. If you don’t want to do the time by serving, why run???? This really is as bad as I’ve seen the island run government wise. Sad. If you agree, let your council members know your feelings, you want representation year round!