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IOP Ways and Means Committee Meeting, October 15, 2019, 5 pm

October 14, 2019

As always, our city does it’s best to keep our residents informed of our regular Ways and Means and City Council meetings. Please follow I personally created the IOPToday website to further post and promote our meetings and their agendas. Please feel free to sign up for the automatic email updates by tapping on the blue highlighted “Sign up for Email Newsletter”. Don’t forget, we have our scary, yet family friendly, “Ghostly Tide Tales” this Friday. It starts at 6pm on the beach at 25th Ave complete with fires, s’mores, hot chocolate, and LowCountry ghost tales by our very own island pirate. Bring beach chairs, a blanket and flashlight to better enjoy. Also, another one of our exciting events is our annual Halloween Carnival at the Recreation Center starting at 5pm and runs through 7pm. We’ll have costume contest for different ages, carnival games, jump castles, face painting, balloon artists and of course, CANDY. Last, but not the least, don’t forget about our “Farmers Market” every Wednesday at the Recreation Center for local produce, local craft products which could make for good Christmas gifts and last but not least, we have entertainment. This runs through October 30th. Please come and support our local farmers and craft artists. Thank you for allowing me to be your mayor, Jimmy Carroll


Morgan Creek Request for Proposals

October 4, 2019

There has been a lot of misinformation about what the Isle of Palms council has done as per the request for proposals on the Morgan Creek Grill property. What the city did, was hire commercial real estate professionals to handle the advertising and negotiating of a new lease. Lee and Associates were hired to pursue proposals for a new lease for the restaurant site. The opening of the proposals was on August 30th. There were 3 proposals submitted of which, the current tenant, Jay Clarke, was one. The other two were joint ventures by two different groups. One being islanders Dave & Chrissy Lorenz and John & Bridget Bushnell. The last a group comprised of the IOP Marina tenant, Ravenel Commercial Properties and Lowe, the developer and owner of the Wild Dunes amenities including hotel, golf courses and tennis complex. The first two proposals were for the Morgan Creek property as described in our request for proposals. The last proposal was for the redevelopment of the whole marina. That was not what the city asked for in our request for proposals. The details were kept private to protect the negotiating rights of the different parties. There was no behind the scenes deal, contrary to what some social media comments said. Whatever we do as a city, we will engage our residents as to what the residents want. While we have huge challenges with drainage and the rebuilding of our 11 year old public safety building, it is the marina that our legacy will be based on. We will not make the same mistake that a previous council made in a poorly written lease. Hence our hiring commercial real estate professionals. Please go to and click on the top right “The Island” and then click on “Latest News”. There you will see all the facts of the proposals. In this section, please leave your comments on what you your vision is for the marina and what amenities you’d like to have at the marina for island residents. We want, what you want, we work for you, our residents. This is our last opportunity to do this right. If you go to the “City Services” tab, you can view exactly what the city put out for bids under the “Request for Bids & Proposals”. Don’t believe what you read in social media. I left Facebook because there were so many untruths and it became so negative. (Let me clarify, it is a very few who spew the lies and negativity, but like the old saying, it’s the bad apple that ruins the the whole bunch, such a shame) . This is not what our island is, negativity. It’s about neighbors helping neighbors, watching our kids grow and play on this island paradise. For me, it was and is a great place to have grown up on and to have raised my family for over the last 6 decades. I hope this helps explain the city’s position, NOTHING HAS BEEN DECIDED and the city will give you, our residents an opportunity to help guide us. Please leave your comments on the city site, we will read them! Lastly, back under the latest news tab, remember, Dominion Energy will be soon trimming trees. It’s going to be ugly, but there are ways to contact them with your concerns. They will have arborist who will come to meet you at your property and explain what they can and cannot do. We saw what happened in Mt Pleasant, we went to their public meeting and were pleased that their arborists are willing to meeting with individual property owners about the trees in their front yard prior to trimming. This is yet another notice that Dominion Energy is going to trim trees. Something that is beyond the city’s control as witnessed in Mt Pleasant and on Sullivan’s Island. Thank you for allowing me to serve you as your mayor. Cheers!

IOP City Council Agenda, Sept 24, 2019, 6pm

September 20, 2019

Thank you for allowing me to serve you, please remember, if you would like to meet with me at most anytime, we will set up a time, my cell is 843-452-1200. Don’t forget, this is election time, our election is November 5th. Plus stop by the Farmer’s Market at the recreation center on Wednesdays from 3 till 7, a nice community event with goodies for all. Cheers!!!

IOP Ways and Means Agenda, Sept 17, 2019, 5pm

September 16, 2019

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your mayor. Don’t forget, we have our farmers market on Wednesdays 3-7 through October 30th, and we have an upcoming election on November 5th for 4 council seats. Please get a chance to study these great council candidates. Cheers! Jimmy

IOP City Council Agenda for 8-27-19, 6 pm

August 24, 2019

As always, thank you for allowing me to serve you as your mayor. Please feel free to call on me at most anytime. Remember, we are at the peak of hurricane season, do not wait till the last minute for house supplies, or better yet, visit our city website at for hurricane preparedness guidelines.

IOP Ways and Means Agenda, Tuesday, August 20th, 5 PM

August 17, 2019

It feels good to finally have the city going in the right direction. We can actually see light at the end of the tunnel as for our needs and how we are going to be paying for these needs. Our 11 year old public safety building that cost 6.5 million to build in 2008 has so many major construction defects, that this has become a top priority in getting it repaired. We have to have a healthy safe environment for our public safety personnel. We are looking at about 6.2 million in repairs, of which, we received just over 1.2 million from litigation with the contractors. This should never have happened, and it will not happen again. We will have proper supervision of the repairs which will be starting after the first of the year. Of course, our other top priority, is our drainage Phase III design and construction. The permitting that we need to be secure can take upwards a year or more. We are not looking at just the immediate drainage needs, but looking decades out, knowing we will be having more and more flooding events due to sea level rise. Even though permitting alone could take upwards of a year or more, we are not sitting around doing nothing, we have increased our Eadies Drainage Contractors from once a year to three times a year. Also, SCDOT has been out working on areas that we feel are priority spots, they are sending several crews out every quarter. The city recently passed several recommendations from the Planning Commission to slow down growth and to start becoming more resilient. We increased minimum lot sizes from 17,500 sq ft to 35,000 sq ft as a way to slow down recent lot subdivisions we were experiencing. On top of that, we are reducing the maximum impervious lot coverage from 40% to 35%. Plus, any new driveways, sidewalks and swimming pool surrounds shall be pervious. I’m proud that our planning commission is helping us lead the way in becoming more resilient. Recently, Charleston County has been having round tables with representatives of SCDOT, OCRM, and county level managers in trying to streamline hot spots that flood. I saw several Sullivan’s Island properties on the list and one from the Isle of Palms. I reached out to the county to see how we could add more, and have attached the questionnaires. If you have a drainage problem, fill it out and send it is to the Charleston County Legislative Delegation Office. 3 island residents I gave this questionnaire to, are now on the list. It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. I hope this helps you. It never hurts to ask, and the ones who have sent this questionnaire in, have been contacted. Thank you for allowing me to serve you as your mayor.

Council Meeting Decorum during Citizens Comments

August 8, 2019

The citizens comment period of government meetings is an essential part of local government. The Isle of Palms Code of Ordinances has in it, Section, 1-3-10, #2-B. “Citizens wishing to speak before city council shall notify the City Clerk at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting and shall be allowed to speak in the order of requests received”. (We will allow citizens to sign up as they enter council chambers instead of the 30 minute rule) The total time allotted for citizens comments shall be 30 minutes, and the allotted time for each citizen shall be 3 minutes. Disrespectful or personal remarks will not be allowed and the chair may stop that citizen at such time. Nor, are council members allowed to engage in dialogue with the citizen during this period, we are there to listen and to remain neutral. I personally take full responsibility for allowing the July comment period to get out of hand, and we, the city, will follow our code of ordinances hereon. Please, if you come, and we reach the end our 30 minutes citizens comment period, and you were not able to speak, please bring your comments to be left with the city clerk to be dispersed to all council members afterwards. I’ve tried to be as transparent as possible, and to let everyone speak who wanted to, however, we have had several meetings which were overwhelmed with the same topic, over and over again. In future meetings, if someone has already said what you wanted to say, and you are signed up, please feel free to stand up when it’s your turn from the sign up sheet and say you concur. If there is a group, all with the same topic, please have one person speak for the group and everyone who supports such, may stand during their representative’s 3 minute comment period as a show of support. Starting this month, we will begin timing the comment period to be fair to everyone. Thank you for understanding this and I am honored to be the mayor of the Isle of Palms. Please don’t forget, if you want to be involved with city government, this is an election year, you have until August 19th to fill out your application and filing fee at city hall.