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IOP Special Council Hearing on Budget at 5:45 followed by Regular Council meeting at 6, May 24th.

May 21, 2016

IOP Council Agenda 5-24-16 pg3IOP Council Agenda 5-24-16 pg1IOP Council Agenda 5-24-16 pg2
Residents, please come and hear how your council is proposing next year’s budget and how they work during regular council meetings.

IOP Ways & Means “REVISED” Agenda, Tuesday, 5:45, May 17th

May 16, 2016

IOP Ways & Means 5-17-16 Revised Agenda
Executive session of front beach restrooms has been added. Hopefully, the “tissue issue” is not returning.

Parking Requirements as per the Beachfront Management Act

May 13, 2016

Beachfront Management Act Parking Requirements
Above, are the parking requirements according to the Beachfront Management Act which the IOP meets in order to qualify for any state assistance, should we need it. Because the Wild Dunes does not meet this, they do not get the same amount of funds that an area like the rest of IOP gets, but they do get some. Why? They do have some parking along Palm down to 57th Ave with a beach access. Plus, they generate more than half the room accommodations taxes on the IOP that are paid to both the state and to the city. We are lucky to have such rentals in that are our property taxes are one of the lowest around while we have some of the best services around. In essence, due to tourism, which is a 20 billion dollar industry in SC, plus it accounts for 1 in every 10 jobs in SC, our island life styles are subsidized by tourism. But, because of the unbridled growth in the tri-county areas, the 3 public beaches all had to take steps to curb beach parking as a safety precaution. Of the 3 public beaches, the IOP has more public parking that any other beach community, even with our new parking plan. The down side is, the city has not taken care of it’s residents. It has created a hardship on those with golf carts, it has installed way too many signs, and the city should give every 4% owner occupied home at least 3 re-usable plastic placards to hang in guest cars when visiting their homes. Hopefully, after this summer of bumps in the road, the majority of council will reconsider.

IOP has Carmen R. Bunch Memorial Park dedication on Saturday at 10, followed by music in the park starting at 1pm

May 12, 2016

IOP Carmen Bunch ParkIOP music in the park 2016

IOP Marina Workshop with Plan “C”, Thursday, April 28th, 5:30 pm, City Hall

April 27, 2016

IOP marina Plan C
Please everyone, come to city hall to hear what ATM is proposing. As I have always said, I was elected by the residents of the Isle of Palms. I personally feel that no matter what we do, all designs with the associated cost should be thoroughly vetted to our residents and lets have a public referendum on how to proceed. We had a referendum to buy the marina, we had a referendum to expand the recreation center, and we had one to buy the commercial district lots for parking. This is no different. Thank you for letting me serve you.

IOP Council Meeting, Tuesday, April 26th, 6 pm

April 25, 2016

IOP council agenda 4-26-160001IOP council agenda 4-26-16 pg2

Important Special Budget Workshop followed by Ways and Means on Tuesday, April 19th

April 18, 2016

IOP Special Ways and Means Budget Workshop 2-19-16
IOP Ways and Means 4-19-16
IOP residents, this is an important budget workshop. The city is wanting to add 2 more police officers, a new human resource staff member, switching a part time staff member to full time and a city grounds and maintenance coordinator. Now, the city is seeking more money for an additional study of the marina property after spending $175,000 on the first study showing plan “A” with a dry stack boat storage and plan “B” without. Personally, my goal as promised in my original campaign was to be fiscally responsible and to give you, our tax paying residents the best in city services while not spending money if we don’t need to. I’m good on the part time to full time, but am having difficulty with the balance of the proposed increases. We are already hiring 4 new BSO officers for the parking plan “C” along with 3 LSV and 1 pickup truck for them. We had a tax increase last year, which some called a millage adjustment to offset a decline in property taxes however, most everyone I know had a tax increase, not to mention, a boom in construction. Get involved and attend these meetings, let our mayor and council know your feelings. Thank you for letting me represent you.


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