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IOP City Council Agenda for Tuesday, Oct 25th, 6 PM

October 24, 2016

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IOP Ways and Means Agenda for Oct 18, 2016

October 17, 2016


IOP Council Agenda, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 6 pm

September 26, 2016


As always, thank you for letting me serve you as your elected representative. I promised that I would remain fiscally responsible, attentive to our resident’s needs and to be transparent.

IOP Ways and Means Agenda for Tuesday, Sept 20, 5 pm

September 19, 2016

Interesting how more and more monies are being proposed for a marina that our residents haven’t approved of yet. Plus, which I find unbelievable, one council member feels we meet too much and that our meetings take too long. Mind you, we all knew what we were signing up for in our offering our time to serve our community, twice a month as a whole council, once for Ways and Means, and once for Council. Then we each go to a meeting once a month for every committee we serve on, most serve on 2, so at the worst, we meet 4 times a month, but the one who complains the most about the number of meetings, and the length of meetings has one of the worst attendance records and makes our meetings last much longer than they ever have before, not to mention, task different city employees to do more studies and graphs for him. Sounds like Washington. My prediction in voting on this will be 6-3, however, I hope our other council members will see the light in better transparency in government but be willing to let our residents have more opportunities to come speak to each department that serves them. If you don’t want to do the time by serving, why run???? This really is as bad as I’ve seen the island run government wise. Sad. If you agree, let your council members know your feelings, you want representation year round!

IOP City Council Agenda for August 23, 2016

August 22, 2016

IOP City Coucil Agenda 8-23-16 pg 1 of 2IOP City Coucil Agenda 8-23-16 pg 2 of 2
Interesting council meeting tonight showing how the majority of your government wants to spend your money. I’d also again like to thank the residents of the Isle of Palms for letting me serve them. When I first ran for council, we used to have go out and get 5% of the registered voter’s signatures to have the privilege to run for council. Now, the majority of council has decided that instead, pay a nominal fee and run. When I went door to door, I learned a lot about what people like and don’t like about what is going on with local government. Now, in future elections, after paying your filing fee, I would hope candidates will still go out to get a feel of the community for whom they want to serve. Also when someone wants to serve as your representative, they should know what is expected of them, that we all meet once a month as a council to make decisions, that we all meet once a month as members of Ways and Means to make financial decisions. And lastly, we are to meet once a month for each committee that we serve on. Most council members serve on 2 other committees outside of Ways and Means. So, at most, that is only 4 times a month. It’s not a lot of work! I pride myself on having a perfect attendance record for the 5 & 1/2 years I’ve served. I’ve had vacations and even surgeries scheduled around my elected responsibilities. I say this only because some feel we meet too much, in fact, these are usually the ones who miss meetings. I encourage more people to get involved in serving the Isle of Palms. The last 2 elections have had only 4 candidates for the 4 seats available. It’s time for this to change, to have candidates to choose from. We need people who listen to the residents and are concerned about the future look and future fiscal health of the island. If you can come to a council meeting, come, and watch your elected officials in action. If you cannot come, you can go to to see the previous council meeting that is taped. In reality, the decisions are made the week before at the Ways and Means Committee meeting. That meeting is not taped, but is the one I would most encourage you, our residents to attend. Again, thank you for letting me serve you. And please, consider serving.

IOP Ways and Means Agenda for August 16th, 2016

August 15, 2016

IOP Ways and Means Agenda August 16, 2016 pg 1 of 2IOP Ways and Means Agenda August 16, 2016 pg 2 of 2
Several things to note from my point of view. According to our monthly Municiple Accommodations Fee Collections, we have gone down, not up over the last 4 months, even though, all I hear is that Charleston is the #1 City to visit in every publication, so my question is why are we going down during the busiest time of the year. This brings me back to my other areas of note, maybe we should stop spending money on items unless they are absolutely needed for public protection.

IOP Marina Plan Revision Ideas Suggested, NOT APPROVED

July 27, 2016

IOP Marina Latest Plan B
Above are the latest in drawings for improving the IOP Marina. These are just suggestions, nothing has been approved. The city has applied for some federal grants which no one knows if the city would get any money or not. Then, even if some grant money is given, or not, the city will have to decide, is this what we want to do, is this where we want to spend money or not? Is this what the residents and tax payers of the island want the the city to do or not? The mayor has said, we will have a referendum to decide the future of the marina. Yes, something will have to be done, but to what extent and to what expense to our residents? The parking plan “C” started this summer still needs some refinements which also includes refining parking around the marina extending into the neighborhoods, but this will be the next big issue for the Isle of Palms. Thank you for allowing me to serve you and please, feel free to call me at anytime.