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IOP Ways and Means, Sept. 18th, 2018, 5 pm

September 18, 2018

Wow, we dodged a big one last week, one of the slowest moving hurricanes I’ve ever seen. While coming in as a Cat 4, because it was so slow in movement, it sheared it’s strength down to a Cat 1 as it hit landfall. It’s path changed constantly, causing both North and South Carolina governors declaring a state of emergency to be followed by the governor of Virginia. Lucky for South Carolina, but sadly for North Carolina, the storm came in outside Wilmington and it’s outer beaches. Because of the extremely slow movement of the storm, it was not the winds that caused the most damage, but the flooding due to rain amounts, sometimes exceeding 30″. The upper Pee Dee area around Horry County in South Carolina was flooded, and even I-95 was closed due to flooding. In North Carolina, the damage was much severe, Wilmington and surrounding towns were under water with rescues still taking place. Long story short, we, here in Charleston County and the Isle of Palms were totally spared. The city ended up going through all precautions knowing the storm could turn at anytime. Every department of the Isle of Palms did great, we doubled both our police and fire presence and will be sending a crew up in early October to help another community in need. If you would like to help out with a donation, to to do so. Just because we were lucky this time, does not mean it can’t happen, always prepare and be ready to evacuate.

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