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IOP City Council Agenda 5-28-2019 6 pm

May 25, 2019

As always, thank you for allowing me to serve as your mayor. This meeting has several topics that we have been working on. Drainage is always there with 3 drainage outfalls being designed for 41st Ave, 36th Ave, and 31st Ave. We also installed some new pipes at Marginal Rd across from Wildwood. These will all help the New Forest Trail area. Not to mention, Eadie’s Construction was increased from once a year to 3 times a year, and SDCOT will be coming out quarterly. Friends, we need to be proactive and stop using concrete driveways, sidewalks and pool surrounds, we need to become more resilient, sea level is rising, we need to work together. One more topic is the Wild Dunes asking to give them special permits to have 35 city sanctioned permits to run cement trucks down Palm starting at 2am in the morning to prevent traffic jams in our busy summer time traffic, this is a tough one, but residents come first. Do we want back ups in the daytime or do we want to have cement trucks starting at 2am in the morning. Thank you and please come to council and speak up. You are our bosses! Jimmy Carroll

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