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IOP Ways and Means Agenda June 18, 2019

June 18, 2019

As many on council have been talking about for over a year, we have the 3.9 million we know we need to build in drainage outfalls, plus we inherited a Public Safety building that is only 10 years old and cost 6.5 million to build, but are faced with almost the same amount in repairs. This in inexcusable. Plus, because of leases the city entered into at the marina, we have to rebuild the docks when those cost should have been put on the tenant through a triple net lease. Before we start raising taxes, we need permits for the outfalls, and for the marina dock rebuild which will take us out another year. This council has cut, trimmed, increased areas of limited revenue, so I am hoping to be able to maintain another year without a tax increase. This has been a great council who has worked hard to be forward thinking, to save 1% a year in city asset maintenance and all the while, maintaining city services to highest of quality. Thank you for letting me serve as your mayor.

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