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IOP Special City Council Budget Meeting 5:30, IOP City Council Meeting 6pm

June 25, 2019

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your mayor. Please note, this budget was very challenging. We had to deal with hiring both a police chief and a city administrator, while at the same time, working on drainage issues, the rebuilding of a public safety building which is only 10 years old and dealing with the marina docks that, because of the way the lease was written, the city is responsible for. Both the drainage cost and marina require OCRM and DHEC permits, which will push these projects out into the following year’s budget. However, while waiting for the permits, the city is working on designs so as not to lose time. Our city hall staff along with council have been very aggressive in seeking income from very limited sources, and have created a building maintenance fund for city assets. Please make sure to thank our city hall staff and council members who all worked hard in preventing a tax increase, that we thought was imminent but were able to hold off another year while maintaining our city services, and city assets. Lastly, this is an election year, if you have ever thought of giving back to your community, now is the time to start preparing your campaign. Happy 4th of July, and please be safe!

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