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Dominion Energy Public Forum for Isle of Palms residents held on July 23, 2019

October 29, 2019

We as your city representatives do not like the massive destruction of our trees. When Mt. Pleasant put a stop work order on Dominion, both representatives of the IOP and Sullivan’s Island went to support Mt. Pleasant. We all were told that they would have abhorist on call to discuss this with individual property owners. We posted this on our city website, and then click on the upper right button called “The Island”, on the drop downs, click on “Latest News” the 3rd item down, is the Dominion Energy Tree Trimming, complete with the above forum presentation and also the map, questions and answers, and even contact information. The city has tried to be as transparent as possible. I as would all of council, prefer that they stop spending money on trimming our beautiful trees and start using it towards burying the lines underground. That way, the trees would remain beautiful, while at the same time, be protected from storm damage and soak up water to offset drainage problems. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.

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