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IOP City Council Meeting, Tuesday, January 28th, 2020, 6 pm

January 24, 2020

Happy New Year! As you can see, we have a full agenda for our first IOP Council Meeting. Plus, we are off to a very busy year. As you can see upon entering the island, we have a major landscape and sidewalk project going on at the base of the connector. We are finally doing a job with our Transportation Sales Tax program, every year, we prioritize, what projects are most pressing. Over a year ago, everyone was concerned about the danger at the base of the connector, the pedestrian and cyclist path ran out due to the connector’s turning lanes. We are moving the paths up onto the side along the Public Works building and running the path through the Leola Hanbury Memorial Park. Yes, it’s ugly now, but in a few short weeks, it will be done, landscaped and with an accent light shining up into the beautiful oak in the park for a nice entry onto the island. In fact, the park was rarely used, now, people will see it. Another big project getting under way is the setup of housing and office trailers next to our Public Safety Building. The building was built in 2008 and cost 6.5 million to build. But sadly, it was poorly constructed and we are now having the make it right, the estimated cost to repair is 6.17 million. Actual construction will begin in March, but it takes time to get everything set up, not to mention, over a year to renovate. Don’t forget, we have a big Residents/Community Forum being held at the Recreation Center on the 30th starting at 5:30. We want to hear from our residents on what their vision is for the last parcel at the marina. Do we want to continue with a water sports dock, do we want a community dock and park, or do we want a combination? Our job as your council, is to listen to what you, our residents want. If you cannot make this meeting, please, go to and click at the top of the page under latest news and fill out the Workshop Comment Form. Other big projects online for this year are the 3 drainage outfalls at 41st Ave, 36th Ave. and 30th Ave. We are waiting on permits from OCRM to get started. The estimated cost here is 3.9 million. Another big project is the rebuilding of the docks at the marina as required by our lease, this is another 2 million. These are big projects with costs that we haven’t funded yet, plus, this still does not resolve our drainage issues, it is merely a help. We need to be careful and stay laser focused on what the city’s needs are, as opposed to what some want, such as a swimming pool. I cannot even imagine the cost of building a commercial pool, an enclosed pool at that, the extra personnel it would take, not to mention the cost to maintain it annually. I have talked about our needs verses wants for years, I hope we are not sliding back down the wants cycle again.

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