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IOP City Council Agenda, Tuesday, February 25, 2020, 6pm

February 22, 2020

As always, thank you for allowing me to serve as your mayor and for electing a great council. We have a tremendous amount of work for 2020. As a recent budgeting workshop revealed, everyone agrees that we need to keep drainage as our top priority. That we have to rebuild the docks at the marina as required by a lease extension for the marina management. For both the drainage outfalls and the marina docks, we are just waiting for OCRM permits. We are starting our public safety building renovation at 30 J C Long Blvd, a building built in 2008 for 6.5 million, yet needs to be totally revamped for almost the same amount. At the marina, there are 4 leases, 2 of which, were extended until 2045, so our hands are tied to what that lease says. The Morgan Creek restaurant property is going through a due diligence period with one of the 3 applicants, hopefully, we will soon see activity there and a restaurant that we can all be proud of. For the last parcel, we held a marina workshop that was extremely well attended, in fact, we maxed out at 96 residents. We turned away almost the same amount, but about half filled out the questionnaire we have. One can still go to and under latest news at the top of the page, look for the marina visioning workshop and fill out the questionnaire there. No decisions have been made, no one council member is getting their way, but we, as your council will make a decision based on the majority of what our residents want. While I may have a personal idea of what I’d like to see, I have promised to vote with the majority of our residents. Our job is to represent you, our bosses. As for everything else, we need to stay laser focused on our needs and not our wants. Again, thank you for letting me serve you.

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