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IOP and COVID-19

March 24, 2020

Wow, who would have thought we would be where we are today, 3 weeks ago. The city is prepared for emergencies, especially hurricanes, however, this pandemic event is unprecedented. Please go to and look under latest news at the top of the page, we are on Update #6. As it stands, we in constant contact with the Governor’s office, with Charleston County, with DHEC, and with our surrounding communities. We held a special council meeting last Friday on how we want the city to proceed based on a number of factors. Council voted unanimously to limit access to the island to residents only, to those who rent here year round or vacationing. That all restaurants and bars are take out only. That those businesses that have licenses can do business. However, this is a fluid state of emergency that can change as the city leaders understand what is being told to them by the professionals listed above. Our goal is to keep you and our public safety personnel safe. Just so you better understand what our public safety personnel have to do, they have to decontaminate not only each responder, but their cloths, their equipment and their trucks after each call. We cannot afford to have them get sick. This comes at a critical time, when the public safety building was just starting its renovations and our public safety personnel were moved into trailers. We have since had to open up the sleeping quarters in the Public Safety building to give our personnel safe sleeping quarters. Please bear with us and as we are updated, we will make changes as need be. Please visit the city website daily for the latest updates. Be safe!

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