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Governor Henry McMaster’s Executive Order Closing the Public Access to the Waterways and Beaches of South Carolina, March 30, 2020

March 31, 2020

Prior to this, on March 21, the IOP limited access to the island for only residents, long term tenants, business owners, and vacationers. On March 23, Sullivan’s Island followed suit and blocked the Ben Sawyer Causeway to only SI residents, businesses and were allowing IOP residents to pass through to align with the IOP having allowed SI residents to pass through. On March 25th, the IOP limited all short term rentals of 29 days or less, and to allow those already here to finish out their reservation. We took these steps on the sound medical advice of Dr. Edward O’Bryan of MUSC. This is a fluid, unprecedented pandemic that we are constantly learning from as we go. Please bear with us, our job is to protect our residents, and our public safety personnel who have to decontaminate after every call they go on. Let’s all work together to flatten the spike. Please thank all of our city staff for the jobs they are doing, they too have families, yet they are on the front lines. Thank our businesses that are serving take out food, and those like the Harris Teeter who are exposed serving us daily. We feel horrible for all of our businesses who are being impacted. You can follow the timeline by going to and click on the latest news at the top of the page. God Bless, stay smart, stay safe and social distance yourself as much as you can. Jimmy

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