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Special Emergency Council Meeting, April 20, 2020, 1pm, & Joint Statement by Charleston’s 4 Public Beaches

April 20, 2020

Please know, we, the city feel for each and everyone. Our business community, our vacation rental companies, our individual rental owners, our residents and especially those who have contracted Covid-19 or have lost someone to this. And yes, this affects our city as well, most importantly, we are trying to protect our first responders and public safety personnel. They have to decontaminate after every contact with an individual with a shower, washing their cloths, and decontaminating their equipment and vehicles. This takes time, by limiting those who come on the island, we are lowering their exposure. The other side of this for the city, is that like our business community, the city itself is a business, a non-profit business that runs mostly off of the tourism business. When tourism is shut down, our income stream is shut down, yet, our expenses continue with police, fire, sanitation, and city staff. We are fortunate that we have saved for emergencies, that we have the money to finish our public safety building’s major renovation due to faulty construction in 2008. However, we are looking at other ways to save money, whether to do certain projects or not. Everything is on the table for discussion, but please know, we are not in dire financial trouble. However, we have to be fiscally conservative in how we spend and or borrow money going forward. Please keep up with our latest updates on our city website, and click at the top of the page under latest news. To date, we have had 17 updates, which include both our emergency ordinances and all of the Governor’s Executive Orders. Lastly, you can watch city council meetings live-streamed on YouTube by liking the City of Isle of Palms. Thank you for electing a great council and for allowing me to serve as your mayor.

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