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Isle of Palms Covid-19 Update #24

May 9, 2020

These last several months beginning in mid March have been trying. As promised, the city’s job was to lower the curve of the spread of the virus. We have constantly updated our residents, on March 20th during an Emergency council meeting, through our first Emergency Order 2020-01, we limited access to the island beginning March 21 to help protect both our residents and public safety officers and first responders. On March 26th through Emergency Order 2020-02, we eliminated short term rentals of 29 days or less. On March 31st, as per the Governor’s Executive Order 2020-16, all beach and waterway accesses were closed. On April 19th, the Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, Folly Beach and Edisto Island issued a joint statement in contrast to the Governor’s opening of beach access, all 4 communities remain committed to maintain their checkpoints to just those who live on the island or who have business here on the island. On April 20th, the IOP through Emergency Ordinance 2020-03 began allowing residents and property owners to have access to the beach between 7am and 7pm for exercise, dog walking, surfing and other recreational activities. Non residents may do the same before 7am and after 7pm. There shall be no sitting in chairs or laying on beach towels or groups larger than 3 unrelated. On April 28th and starting on May 1, the IOP extended the beach access for non residents from 7am to 8am and beginning at 5pm as opposed to 7pm, to give non residents 3 more beach hours. On May 4th, the IOP city council decided to lift checkpoints as of May 5th to allow non residents access to the beach. Also, restaurants may start serving food outside using proper social distancing. Finally, on May 8th, the IOP city council rescinded the “Keep it Moving Policy” for the beach and based on several meetings of our short term rental task force, will be allowing short term rentals as of May 13th using proper guidelines for cleaning. This has been a constant fluid process because of this unprecedented pandemic with over 24 updates. Please go to and click at the top of the page at latest news. Please know, we are having yet another information giving Zoom meeting about Dominion Energy’s tree removals on Monday, May 11th starting at 1pm. Please visit our site mentioned above to read about Dominion Energy’s tree removal plan or go back on this site to see the list of trees planned to be taken down. From my perspective, yes, the trees are planted on SCDOT right of ways, but have been there for decades. The right of ways are there for utilities, but damn it, why can’t they bury these lines. They have an underground main power line from Porchers Bluff under 5 miles of marsh and the waterway to the IOP, so doing so on high ground should be easy, albeit, expensive. Find a way to work with the residents to offset the cost. Please send council your comments and or, call Dominion and have them come to your house. You can find the contact info on this site on an earlier posting or on the city’s site. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.

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