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IOP Agendas for Special Council Meeting on 2017-18 Budget and followed by regular Council Meeting Tues, 5:45 pm

May 22, 2017

Everyone, thank you for letting me serve you, please, if you have questions or concerns on how the city spends your tax dollars, come speak up.

IOP Ways and Means Agenda for May 16, 2017 at 5 pm

May 13, 2017

IOP City Council Tuesday, April 25, 6 PM

April 24, 2017

OK y’all, tomorrow night we have the Bravo tv show vote, emergency helicopter contract, rec center vote for design cost, extending the paid parking season at the front beach lots and meters for another month and the allowing of RVs to park at the city lots. As always, thank you for allowing me to represent you.

IOP Special City Council and regular Ways and Means

April 18, 2017

Isle of Palms residents, please get involved and voice your opinion on how the city is spending money. We have some who want us to become a resort with every amenity out there, when in fact, we have not been keeping up with the buildings we already own. Until we learn to live within our budget, which of course, is subsidized with tourism money, we need to stop spending. As a city, we have pillars of service to provide everyone, great police, fire, sanitation and recreational services for you, our residents, but instead, we seem to want spend more than we have. In fact, most of the proposed spending really does not benefit you, the tax payers, but others from off the island. I just received word that the President of the Isle of Palms Exchange Club resigned because a select few, wanted to build a dock on their property when in fact, it has nothing to do with their original core pillars of service, Americanism, Community, youth, and child abuse prevention. I’m watching people quit the Exchange Club because of this, lets not let our island be destroyed financially over a few wanting to spend, spend, spend. Thank you for letting me represent you over these last 6 years, and for being so positive about my seeking the mayor’s position. I promise to be available to you and to listen to your concerns. After almost 60 years of living on this island we call paradise, and being educated locally from Sullivan’s Island Elementary School, Moultrie High School and the College of Charleston, no one knows and loves this island as much as I do. I’m not poor, and I’m not rich, however, I sold my company 2 years ago, and now have the time and energy to serve you, my constituents. I need your support, not financial support, because I refuse to accept donations, but I do need your moral support, verbal support and willingness to sport my bumper decals on your cars. Thank you again for letting me serve you. Feel free to call me anytime, 843-452-1200

IOP Special Ways & Means Meeting, Regular Ways & Means and Council Meetings

March 19, 2017

Sorry everyone, way too much for one night, several tried to break up the meetings, but to no avail. Thank you for letting me serve you. Jimmy

IOP Ways & Means Budget Workshop

February 21, 2017

iop-ways-means-2-21-17-jpegThis is an important phase of our city budget. The Ways & Means Committee will be meeting tonight and then again next week just prior to next week’s council. I wish they would not push so fast in this process and allow council proper time to digest. We got this on Friday, the city was closed on Monday and now, push, push, push. To me, it would be more transparent to meet tonight, and tackle it again next month thereby giving council proper time to digest.

Doggie Day at the Park, Saturday, 9 till, IOP Recreation Center

February 3, 2017