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IOP Ways and Means agenda followed immediately by Council for October 24th

October 23, 2017

Thank you everyone for allowing me to represent you on council these past 6 years. Please remember to get out to vote on November 7th and encourage your neighbors to do so also. This is the most important election in decades and I want to be your next mayor. I promise to work for a more open and transparent government, I want our leaders to have our meetings not back to back, with always getting last minute details, but to have Ways and Means separated from our regular council meetings by a week. As your elected official, I do not consider it a hassle to meet more often, and to hopefully, get committee meetings held later in the day so working residents like you and me to attend.


Why Jimmy Carroll for Mayor of the Isle of Palms

October 20, 2017

IOP City Council Agenda September 26, 6pm. and dates for community meetings concerning marina.

September 23, 2017

Thank you for allowing me to having served you as a council member over these last 6 years. During this time, I have NEVER missed a council meeting or committee meeting. I have scheduled all vacations and even surgeries around my city commitments. I will be missing the first of the two upcoming community meetings related to the marina enhancement project on Sept 27, being held at the marina starting at 4 and ending at 7. The next meeting will be held on Oct. 12th, at the recreation center from 5-8. I had a vacation planned for many months prior to go to Amsterdam after our council meeting on Sept. 26th. These community meetings were last minute announcements on Sept 18th. My airline flights and hotel reservations had already been made and could not be changed. I just wanted everyone to know, that I take my city commitments seriously and work around my city commitments. Please attend these meetings and I will see you at the second marina event at the recreation center. Remember, vote on November 7th, this is an extremely important election along with the marina referendum. If anyone has any questions for me, my cell is 843-452-1200. Once elected, I will be remembered as being the most accessible mayor ever, who listens to you, our residents.

IOP Ways and Means Agenda September 19, 2017, 5 pm

September 18, 2017

I thank you for having allowed me to serve you as your council representative over these last 6 years, I am now asking for your support to serve as your mayor for the next 4 years. I promise to be available to you, our residents, to be fiscally conservative, and to work with our council in providing for our needs over our wants. Lastly, I promise to run a positive campaign.

Hurricane Harvey and Texas

August 28, 2017

My heart goes out to everyone in Texas. Recently, I was at a Red Cross fund raiser and donated $1,000. I did so because, after Hugo struck us on September 21, 1989, I remember being all exhausted and thirsty while working on my house and around the island helping to cut trees off the roads. A Red Cross van came by every day giving out bottles of water and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. To me, that van was a beautiful sight. At that time, that simple sandwich and water was like a gourmet meal. I have never forgot them since, and always try to send them a donation. This devastating hurricane reminds me why we need to be prepared for the next hurricane, why we need to have an emergency fund that is at least equal to what it cost to run our city for at least a year. Yes, we have funds in our accounts that are dedicated to other capital expenses like fire trucks and public works vehicles, but if we use those, then we are short later down the road on those capital expenses. Right now, we have about 2.3 million in our emergency fund, it cost the city about 10 million a year to run. A lot of our income is due to tourism. This is all the more reason to start preparing now. After a hurricane strikes, our tourism stops, in Hugo’s case, it stopped for more than 3 years. The Wild Dunes had to refurbish it’s condos, it’s homes, it had to rebuild it’s golf courses, and tennis complex. The Isle of Palms had to rebuild it’s Public Safety Buildings and not to mention, we all had to rebuild our homes and in my case, my office. This upcoming election is about such important issues. Fiscal responsibilities, saving for emergencies, taking care of our needs, not our wants. Everyone, if you can afford to, send a check to the American Red Cross to help those who need the help now, it could be us next time. This is the time of the year that scares me the most, September going into October. Please say a prayer for those in need and to protect those, who protect us.

IOP Council tonight at 6 pm

August 22, 2017

Sorry for the lateness of this posting. I am hoping the city does not try to add any more non-budgeted expenses, such as a $700,000+ cardio room, when we have an election just 76 days away. We are discussing the fitness room but right now, we have several major issues facing us, the marina referendum, not enough money in our disaster funds, a surprising report showing we have 1.6 million in deferred maintenance on our city owned buildings, and a spending habit akin to kids in a candy store saying “I want, I want”. We need to take care of our needs, to maintain our city departments to best serve our residents as per public safety, health, recreation, to maintain our buildings and preparing for when the next hurricane strikes. Thank you for allowing me to serve you as your elected council member over these last 6 years, and that I ask that you support me in the upcoming mayor’s race on November 7.

Special Joint IOP Council and Planning Commission meeting agenda for sewer to serve the IOP, followed by Ways and Means, Starting at 4pm

August 12, 2017

Remember, November 7th is election day, I need your support as your next mayor. I have easily removable bumper stickers for anyone who would like to show their support. I am happy to deliver, just call me, 843-452-1200 or stop by my office at 103 Palm Blvd, next door to the Boathouse. Thank you, Jimmy